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Faculty Resources

What the Writing Center Can Do For You

At the Writing Center, we help create better writers, not just better papers. In our peer consulting sessions, we mentor students through their writing processes, and through peer conversation, we help them strengthen their writing choices and abilities. This is one reason for the term "consultant" rather than "tutor"--unlike a content tutor, the peer writing consultant cannot know exactly what the writer must do in every context; rather the consultant acts as a sounding board, engages the writer in active thinking, and provides options and resources. For more information, see our FAQ.

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Writing Across the Curriculum

Do you teach classes that are not officially "writing classes" but that rely on writing for teaching and learning? All of our consultants are trained to work with writing across the curriculum, but for more information on how we balance this with "specializing," or if you would like to recommend a student writer from your area to work in the writing center, contact Avery Viehmann. See the Writing Associate page for general information.

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Peer Review Workshops

Do you have your students review each other's drafts? Email the Writing Center to book this 50-minute classroom workshop for training in how they can provide useful feedback without being experts. Click here to see our peer review handout or here for the slide show.

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Assignment Consultations

Wondering how students read your assignments? Want a trial run on a new assigment to see how students might respond to it? Our consultants work with assignments from a variety of instructors and classes on a daily basis, so they can offer a unique student perspective to help develop your work. For more information or to schedule an assignment consultation, email the Writing Center or Avery Viehmann.

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How to Recommend Students to Work in the Writing Center

For information on the qualifications we look for in consultants see our employment page. To recommend a student for a position as a peer writing consultant, contact Avery Viehmann at

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