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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a consultant help me?

A Writing Consultant can . . .

  • Become the audience for your paper.
  • Help you work out an organizational strategy.
  • Help you create and focus a thesis or outline.
  • Let you know where you might need more development.
  • Help you identify grammar patterns or common errors.
  • Help you learn to revise and edit your paper.
  • Suggest research resources and techniques.
  • Help you find answers to your questions.

A Writing Consultant cannot . . .

  • "Fix" a paper for you--it's all about working together through the writing process.
  • Work on your paper without you present.
  • Work with you on your writing outside of the Writing Center.
  • Give you answers to homework questions.
  • Give you a thesis to fulfill an assignment.
  • Discuss the grade you might receive on your paper.
  • Write or edit any aspect of your paper for you.
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How do I get an appointment?

You can come to our center and schedule or use our online scheduling system. To schedule a session, sign in with your Highline College username and password. After you register, you will see our schedule. White boxes mean there is an open appointment at that time, so simply cilck on them, answer some questions about your session, hit "Save Appointment," and you're done!

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What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Select the cancel appointment option at the bottom of the online appointment form or call us at 206-592-4364 to cancel your appointment.

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Can I use the computers in the Writing Center?

Sure, you can work on your writing for up to two hours before, during, or after a consulting session. Our staff will help you log on. As always, sign in at the entry computer station beforehand.

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Why do I have to sign in on the entry computer?

We keep records for planning and funding purposes. The demand for our services helps ensure that we're here to stay.

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Do you offer online consulting?

At this point, we only do online consulting in special cases that we arrange with particular courses or programs.  As a general practice, our consulting sessions are on a face-to-face basis, which allows for more dynamic interactions between you and the consultant.

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Will the consultant proofread my paper for me?

The consultant will help you assess the paper and plan ways to address the grammar patterns present in the paper, so you'll be more effective at proofreading and correcting your own errors.

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What if I need more than 25 minutes?

If your paper is longer than four pages or if you have extensive ideas and questions to discuss, we recommend that you sign up for two slots for a 50-minute session. If your draft is longer than six pages, we recommend that you use our reading block option. For more info about the reading block, visit our Reading Block page

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