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How can a consultant help me?


A Writing Consultant can . . .

  • Become the audience for your paper.
  • Help you work out an organizational strategy.
  • Help you create and focus a thesis or outline.
  • Let you know where you might need more development.
  • Help you identify grammar patterns or common errors.
  • Help you learn to revise and edit your paper.
  • Suggest research resources and techniques.
  • Help you find answers to your questions.

A Writing Consultant cannot . . .

  • "Fix" a paper for you--it's all about working together through the writing process.
  • Work on your paper without you present.
  • Work with you on your writing outside of the Writing Center.
  • Give you answers to homework questions.
  • Give you a thesis to fulfill an assignment.
  • Discuss the grade you might receive on your paper.
  • Write or edit any aspect of your paper for you.
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