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Reading Block

Have a long paper you feel you can’t cover in a fifty-minute session? Want to get feedback on your whole draft instead of just parts? Then set up a reading block! A reading block is a special arrangement to have your entire paper read by a consultant before a session. The consultant won't make corrections beforehand but they will read through the entire paper for understanding of the whole draft. To set up a reading block:

  • Set up a 50 minute session in person. Let the consultant at the front desk know you also want to set up a reading hour ahead of time so they can help you with the scheduling.
  • Give a copy of your paper to the front desk consultant. There are computers available in the Writing Center for you to print off a hard copy if needed.
  • At the time you set up your session, fill out the top of a purple sheet and write what part of your writing you want to focus on in the actual session.
  • In your actual session, be prepared to still read parts of your draft out loud for collaborative work on your paper.

Our Writing Center policy is to give ownership to the writer and to avoid taking control of the paper by correcting it and changing the writer’s work. This policy is a driving intention behind our methods and is still in effect within a reading block. Even though your consultant is reading through your paper ahead of time, your session is still a chance to work together on your paper and be involved in your own writing process.