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Meet the Staff

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Allison, Consultant

Hello Everyone! My name is Allison. This is my second quarter at Highline, and in the Writing Center. I love nature, reading and watching classic films. One of my hobbies is training dogs and competing with them in events like Agility. I hope to someday work as either an Editor, English teacher or in Journalism. A lot of options, I know! Also, I hope to one day travel to Europe and Australia.

Major: English (creative writing or journalism)
Writing classes taken: English 101, English 200, English 199/299, English 290
Other classes that had a writing component: Psychology 100, Political Science 200
Favorite aspect of being a consultant: Working collaboratively with others to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for Writing.
Fun fact about me: I'm left handed. Back to top



Ashley, Program Assistant

Hello, my name is Ashley! I used to be a writing consultant and associate lead in the center. Now I've returned as the program assistant. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time at the beach, camping, and chowing down on sushi at my favorite restaurant in Seattle!

    Major: Sociology!
    Writing classes taken: Engl 101, Engl 200
    Other classes that had a writing component: CMST 101, HIST 146, SOC 101, F S 105 and F S 112.
    Favorite aspect of being a consultant: I am able to work with an amazing group of people every day and improve on my own writing skills while helping others.
    Fun fact about me: I collect vintage cameras!
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Cat, Consultant

Christine, Consultant

Cindy, Consultant

Demetria, Consultant

Esbea, Consultant

Fatai, Consultant

Hailey, Consultant

Harper, Consultant

Ivanna, Consultant

Jenn, Consultant

J.R. Consultant

Karina, Consultant
Hey there! My name is Karina and this is my second year as a Running Start student here at Highline. I'm majoring in Business and hope to transfer to a Seattle University of Washington after Highline. I absolutely adore writing music, reading creative books, and learning different languages. So far, I've tackled English, Russian and a little bit of Spanish. I love helping people, writing poems and fiction, singing, dancing (though I'm not quite good at it!), and most of all living my life with God, spreading the love of Jesus!

    Major: Business
    Writing classes taken: English 101
    Other classes that had a writing component: Intro to Business
    Favorite aspect of being a consultant: Helping others become better writers while discovering new perspectives and styles too!
    Fun fact about me: I've been playing the piano for about 10 years now. :)
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Katherine, Consultant

Hello,everyone! My name is Yingqian Yu, you guys can call me Katherine instead. I am from Beijing, China. This is my second year here in the US. I do enjoy living in such a multicultural society. I am currently majoring in business and planning to transfer to a four-year university in the near future. I have had a strong passion for writing since I was really little. I am working on writing some novels and articles in both Chinese and English now. I love traveling and learning different kinds of language. So if you know any other language, feel free to teach me some! I enjoy the process of helping people, so never be shy to ask me for help! I hope that I can help more and more students to be better at writing. Welcome to WC, everyone!

    Major: Business
    Writing classes taken: English 101
    Other classes that had a writing component:
    Favorite aspect of being a consultant: Helping people to be better at writing and improving myself at the same time.
    Fun fact about me: I really love the color green and I love baking dessert.
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Kade, Consultant

Kelsey, Consultant

Logan, Consultant

Michelle, Consultant

Nadia, Consultant

Renata, Consultant

Sam, Consultant

Travis, Consultant

Zai, Consultant

Nicole, Lead Consultant

Short bio

    Major: Psychology
    Writing classes taken: Engl 101
    Other classes that had a writing component: Psychology 100, Statistics 146, Philosophy 101, Communications 101.
    Favorite aspect of being a consultant: Helping all you wonderful students, and reading your beautiful papers!
    Fun fact about me: My best time for beating Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was just under 10 hours.

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Avery Viehmann, Director

I’m originally from southern California, but I spent much of my life living all over the States until I settled in Seattle in 2011. This is my favorite place in the world, and I have the tattoo to prove it. I started teaching as a graduate student in 2007, and I got hooked on teaching and writing centers around the same time. I started working in Missouri State’s Center for Learning and Writing as a consultant, then an assistant director, and now I’m so excited to be the new director for Highline’s Writing Center. I love our diverse community at Highline, and I look forward to getting to know even more amazing people here! My hobbies include writing fiction, photography, and gaming. When not in the Writing Center, I teach English 91 and Writing and Reading for ESL.

Fun fact about me: I can have an entire conversation in memes.

Avery Viehmann

Writing Center Director and English Department Faculty Highline College

My current pronouns are he/him/his. Thank you.

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