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Writing Associates

Writing Associates are writing consultants who are "associated" with specific classes from the college campus. In these cases, the consultants have taken the class, and have volunteered to be a liason for the teacher in asssiting students with the aassignments. In the Writing Center, you can work with the support of the Writing Associate on how to meet the particular writing expectations of that class.

Writing Associates can work with you on every stage of the writing process, including supporting you in your efforts to:
  • Understand the assignment and plan a strategy to fulfill it.
  • Develop, focus and organize your ideas and supporting details.
  • Clarify and strengthen your wording.
  • Learn to edit and proofread your own writing.
Of course, we can't provide answers to content questions or tell you what your thesis or evidence should be, but we can help you walk through the process of discovering and refining your own knowledge and ideas.

List of our Current Writing Associates
Allison DeBoer PSYCH100 - Michelle Manber
Fatai Faamu PSYCH 100 - Michelle Manber
Harper Villani ENG200 - Greg November