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Are you planning to write a paper soon? Let's talk!

Fall 2016 Hours:
Friday: 8:00am-1:00pm

Make an appointment with one of our peer writing consultants today.
Come in to 26-319i or schedule online at
Questions? Feel free to call us at 206-592-4364

To Get Started:

  • Make an Appointment
    • We work by appointment so you'll have focused one-on-one time. To ensure that you'll get time with a consultant, it's best to schedule ahead of time. You can come to our center and schedule or use our online scheduling system. To schedule a session, sign in with your Highline College username and password. After you register, you will see our schedule. White boxes mean there is an open appointment at that time, so simply cilck on them, answer some questions about your session, hit "Save Appointment," and you're done!
  • At the Session
    • Come to your appointment with your assignment instructions, prewriting or drafts, and questions. Each session lasts 25 minutes, or you can sign up for two sessions to schedule a 50-minute consultation. You may have up to two sessions per day and four sessions per week. And once a quarter, you can use one extra bonus session of 25-50 minutes to help you through that big project.

The Writing Center is a center of positive student energy. Come on by and discover how talking about your writing with our consultants can move you forward!

More questions? See our list of Frequently Asked Questions

We are affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Writing Centers Association (PNWCA)
and the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)

Contact Us
Building 26, Room 319i
(206) 592-4364
Avery Viehmann, Director
We Offer
  • One-on-one consulting sessions
  • Writing workshops
  • Handbooks and handouts
  • Computer use for your writing
  • A writing-centered atmosphere of peer support and collaboration!
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